City of Perryville

Office of Mayor




Date:               June 16, 2022

Subject:           2022/2023 Budget Proposal Message


To:       City Council, Employees and Citizens


I have the honor to submit the proposed 2022/2023 Annual Budget for both the General Fund and Day to Day Operations of the City of Perryville pursuant to Section KRS 91A.010 thru 91A.060 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes. We have worked on this budget for several months, determined that in every aspect, this document shows the thrusts and priorities of this Administration.  It is the result of a careful deliberation with all concerned offices/departments to make resource allocation and policy decisions more transparent and understandable.   

2022/2023 Annual Budget

                        Estimated Beginning Balance                         $221,393.50

                        Projected Revenue                                          $420,311.00

                        Projected Expenditures                                   $418,922.51

Estimated Year End Balance                          $222,781.99

This budget reflects our commitment to maintaining the highest level of government services by wisely using our resources to meet the community’s needs. The programs, projects and activities in this proposed budget are:

  • Provide the Police department the necessary funds to address criminal and drug activity in our city as well as the traffic concerns of our citizens.
  • Provide the Fire department the necessary funds to provide the fire protection for every one of our citizens.
  • Money has been donated and set aside for making the city more attractive. That is why the Beautification Committee was created and continues to do a great job in that area.


Over the past 6 months we have adopted several changes in our city’s governance that has brought us closer to what our city needs to be.  With the acquisition of the new fire truck, we are now better able to provide fire suppression, activities, and maintain our ISO Rating which directly affects the cost of every property owners insurance premiums. This is also a 20 year investment for the future of Perryville. The creation of the Beautification Committee has made quite an impact on the general appearance of our city.  This is only the beginning of what they have in store for our city. 


We are on our way to creating and establishing a Web Page so that the citizens of our community can be more informed on what the city is doing and better informed on upcoming projects and events.


As your Mayor, I am obligated to keep these measures for us to move forward with the end goal of having a stable and good plan that will maintain and enhance the city’s economy. This budget handles our needs today and plans for tomorrow.  It represents our best efforts to meet the needs of our growing community in a timely and responsible manner.   


This administration is committed to investing in our future, maintaining core services and obligations to our employees, ensuring public safety and meeting the needs of our community.   We will continue working together so that the city remains on a path toward future financial sustainability and effectively implement programs that will support our society and attain a comfortable life for all. I am confident that we are on the right track and am resolved to stay on this track, to continue building on what we have accomplished and bring our city into the 21st century.   


Members of the city council, this is our financial budget presented for your review and approval. There is still much work to be done.  Let’s work together for a better Perryville.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Thank you,



Carlos W. Miller