Steve Bailey                                                                                                    Chasity Caldwell

Elected to Office: November, 2020, November 2022                               Elected to Office: November, 2022

Email: Steve Bailey                                                                                         Email: Chasity Caldwell


Jason Pruitt                                                                                                    Mike Lankford

Elected to Office: November, 2020                                                            Appointed to Office: October, 2021

Email: Jason Pruitt                                                                                         Re-elected to Office: November, 2022

                                                                                                                          Email: Mike Lankford


Tim Simpson                                                                                                  Drew Reynolds

Elected to Office: November, 2022                                                             Appointed to Office: November 2023

Email: Tim Simpson                                                                                      Email: Drew Reynolds



The City Council is comprised of six (6) elected or appointed officials who are responsible for enacting all codes, rules, and regulations for the general public’s health, safety, and welfare.  KRS 83A.130(2).

The City Council provides sufficient revenue to operate city government through the adoption of an annual budget ordinance, by levying all taxes, and establishing all fees and charges for city services.  KRS 83A.130(12).